Rema 1000 employees charged with gross corruption

Rema 1000Rema 1000.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Two employees from Rema 1000 in Eastern Norway have been charged with gross corruption. Police believe they took bribes for hiring people of foreign origin, reports NRK.

It was Rema 1000 who contacted police after receiving a tip that made them suspect that something was seriously wrong on October 4, and the police arrested two people in Akershus.

“The police have reason to believe that these two have received money from other employees. The way it was done, gives means to arrest them for corruption,” said police attorney Mathias Emil Hager in the Eastern Police District to NRK.

According to VG, it is alleged young Syrian refugees  had to pay up to 10,000 kroner to be employed,  and the police are investigating whether the relationship can be classified as human trafficking.

A 46-year-old man allegedly received a lump sum to hire persons of foreign origin and then claimed 15 percent of their salary. He does not acknowledge guilt to the charges.

A 20 year old man had paid to be hired then later mediated on behalf  of others for the same. He too had paid a portion of his salary to the 46-year-old. It was this man who eventually told Rema 1000 about the relationship.

The police do not want to disclose details in the case as in how much money this entails or for how long this has taken place, but confirm that the case involves around ten people .

The management in Rema 1000 writes in an email to NRK that the incident has been reported to the police and that the case is being investigated, and that only the police can answer questions about the case. For the sake of the police investigation, Rema 1000 does not want to provide further information.


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