Rema invests one to two billion in new chicken production plant

Chicken, Norwegian chickenChicken, Photo: Norway Today

Norsk Kylling is in profit again, and now the Rema-owned company has re-launched slaughterhouses and processing plants to a value of between NOK 1 billion and 2 billion.


After the narasin scare, and fears of antibiotic resistance, a growing chicken market has made a shot for the bow, as Norsk Kylling invests in a new billion kroner project, wrote Finansavisen newspaper.

‘As part of a comprehensive commitment to our entire Chicken Value Chain, we will build a factory that can slaughter and process the entire volume of Norwegian chicken needed today, and for the foreseeable future,’ said CEO, Kjell Stokbakken.

Norsk Kylling is owned by Rema Industrier, which is a holding company in Reitangruppen.

Stokbakken said it’s difficult to know the exact price so early in the project, but that it’s a significant investment that will cost somewhere between 1 and 2 billion.

The current factory at Støren, six miles south of Trondheim, will be closed upon the opening of the new plant, which will be built in Malvik or Orkanger.


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