Rema and Mack agreed on beer sales in Northern Norway

BeerBeer. Photo: Norway Today Media

Mack agrees with Rema 1000 that brewery’s beer to be sold in Northern Norway, Troms and Finnmark. Rema admits that involvement of customers had an influence.

The agreement comes after Tromsø Brewery lost the national agreement with Rema.

Managing director of Rema Category and procurement, Lars Kristian Lindberg, was Thursday in Tromsø to sign the agreement, said the giant grocery brand in a statement.

He confirmed that the involvement of customers in northern Norway has influenced the decision.

– The commitment that we have seen in recent months clearly demonstrates that Mack has a strong position in Northern part of Norway.

Now we hope that northerners show the same commitment and buy Mack when they visit their local Rema 1000 store next time, he said.

The press release the statement form CEO, Harald Bredrup, of Mack about agreement as an important victory.

– Through this agreement, we reinforce our position as a strong regional brewery, also in Rema 1000, says Bredrup.

Recently Mack announced the cut by 30 FTEs as a result of the loss of the national agreement with Rema.

Hansa Borg cuts up to 40 FTEs. The brewery explains that they were thrown out of Rema shelves in most of the country, while Rema believes it is because the brewery in negotiations for 2017 are not offered shop visit.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today