Report: Imports decline amid increased food production

agricultureAgriculture.Photo: Norway Today Media

If imports of food decrease, Norwegian food production is likely to increase over the next 30 years, says a recent report.

The report by the Norwegian Institute for bioeconomy (NIBIO), which was made on behalf of theNorwegian Agricultural Cooperatives, shows that turnover from agriculture can pass 230 billion in 2050, assuming that food imports decrease to around 3 percent annually, stated the newspaper Nationen.

By keeping imports stable, the calculated turnover will remain at 212 billion in 2050. Today, Norwegian produced food is traded for 136 billion.

– Even small percentage changes in food imports provide a considerable impact overtime on turnover for the Norwegian agriculture and food industry.

The question is whether one wants to be proactive to develop and add value based on the Norwegian production.

The report shows what can happen if agriculture fails to win import competition, says acting director of research and report author Arne Bardal from NIBIO.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today