Road Administration recommends bridge over Oslo fjord

OslofjordOslofjord.Photo: Halvard Alvik, SCANPIX (FRB)

Road Administration recommends to build a bridge over the northern part of Håøya, from Digerud to Sundbyåsen.

– We have made a thorough assessment of the costs, benefits and impacts on the natural environment, culture and landscape and it shows that the bridge is the best option, both for passengers and for Economics, says regional road manager Per Morten Lund in Region East.

Additional study is commissioned by the Ministry of Transport in conjunction with the concept study for crossing the Oslofjord.

NPRA investigation shows that a solution with bridge over the northern Håøya will provide between 6 and 7 km shorter route than the current RV. 23 Oslofjord connection.

– To get a quick completion of the planning process, we recommend using state level, says Lund.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today