Road-toll projects repaid ahead of time

toll roads road toll FNBToll Plaza. Photo:

Several road-toll projects have repaid their costs ahead of time

A review of 80 road-toll projects shows that the completed toll-gates have repaid their costs, on average, two years
before the estimated time.


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration  analysed approximately 80 small and large volunteer projects to see if they were paid according to plan.
30 of the projects in the analysis have already been repaid, on average, two years ahead of the estimated time.

More traffic than expected

Repayment, traffic and costs are analysed, and most toll stations have had higher traffic than expected.
‘I have primarily looked at the repayment period, which is determined by, among other things, traffic volumes, revenues, interest expenses, and operating costs. The inaccurate picture in the media is often that road users have to pay for longer than planned’, said economist, Simen Steinsholm, who carried out the analysis of the toll projects for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Vegvesenet).


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