Nationwide animal police needed says Leirstein

Nationwide Animal PoliceDog, Photo: Pixabay

The Progress Party wants nationwide animal police

In Government the Progress Party (Frp) won approval for animal police in Trøndelag and Rogaland. Now the National Congress adopted a motion to ensure nationwide animal police.


– For the Progress Party, the struggle for an animal police is about what kind of society we want. The Progress Party wants a society that stands on the victim’s side, regardless of whether the victim has four paws or two legs, says Ulf Leirstein, which is the Progress Party spokesman on justice policy.

Correlation with other types of crime

Animal Police initial apprehension in Trøndelag was a man who had skinned, mistreated and killed a cat. As a result of work by the animal police, it was also revealed that animal abusers had child pornography, and fantasized about killing and raping girls 9 years of age.

– This case is unfortunately not unique. The research is clear that people who commit violence against animals later often commit violence against humans. In the US, the FBI has upgraded wildlife crime to a category A felony, precisely because they have seen so many of the gravest offenders also commit cruelty to animal, explains Leirstein.

Shall have the protection they deserve

– The Progress Party has always conducted a forward-looking crime policy with the victim in focus. FrP sees The same that FBI has seen In The United States: People who intentionally commit gross violence to defenseless animals must be caught early. Therefore it has been important for the Progressive Party to win support for a pilot scheme for animal police in Norway, says Leirstein.

– Labour and Jan Bøhler has been strong opponents of an animal police. We at The Progress Party is still crystal clear: We do not give in before both animals and people across the country have the safety they deserve, he concludes.

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