Robots bring NOK 1.5B to Bergen

StatoilStatoil.Photo: Norway Today Media

Robots to bring NOK 1.5 Billion to Bergen

Statoil ASA has announced the construction of 2 master control ‘hubs’ in Bergen, Norway and plans a NOK 1.5 Billion investment into the ultra-modern, digital, remote-field processing centers.


Benefits Society

Jannicke Nilsson, Statoil’s Safety VP gave statement of the planned Bergen hubs, saying; ‘Digital operations have changed everything. Digitizing the consolidation of far-flung operations creates value ​for us, our customers and (ultimately) society.’

Fewer Injuries

‘Future production will increasingly use unmanned equipment and remote controlled installations. Remote (robotic) operations result in fewer human injuries and better security.’ – says Nilsson.

NOK 15 Billion saved

The operation centers will facilitate integrated operating support & drilling operations support; serving as master control over 40 sites and installations. Tighter management, reduced cost, higher output and a higher quality product may all potentially reap Statoil NOK 15.5B capital savings over a 5 year span.

Statoil ASA is a Norwegian Oil & Gas company based in Stavanger, Norway and is ranked the 11th largest Oil & Gas company in the world.


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