Rogalanders want an electric car – diesel is the most popular in Telemark

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30 per cent of those surveyed in Rogaland want an electric car the next time they buy a car. Only 17 per cent want a diesel car.

But in Telemark, 35 percent say they will go for a diesel-powered car the next time they shop. The figures for Telemark and Rogaland are the highlights of a survey Sentio has done for Nationen.

The question that was asked was: Do you want to buy diesel, petrol, electric car or hybrid the next time you buy or replace a car?

In Oslo, 28 per cent of those surveyed say they want to buy an electric car, but the largest group is those who say that a car purchase is unnecessary. This is 29 per cent.

Oslo and Hordaland are also the counties where few say they want to get diesel-powered cars, with 8 and 14 per cent respectively.

In Finnmark, one in three respondents want a diesel car. The same amount replied that they want a petrol car, while an electric car is wanted by 8 per cent in the northernmost county.

142,000 new passenger cars were registered in Norway last year. Electric cars had a market share of just over 42 per cent. Almost 26 per cent of the new passenger cars were hybrid. Diesel share was 16 per cent, and petrol cars accounted for 15.7 per cent of sales.

The survey in Nationen was carried out by Sentio from 13th to 19th December 2019, before the county reform came into force. 1,004 people over the age of 18 were interviewed.

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