All Rolls-Royce employees in Norway offered severance packages

Rolls-Royce MarinePhoto: Rolls-Royce Marine

All of the approximately 1,800 employees of Rolls Royce Marine division in Norway are offered severance packages as part of the group plans cost cuts.

The employees received severance package offers on Monday, says the newspaper Sunnmørsposten.

– I would like to emphasize that this is a voluntary scheme. We have not set a target for the number of applications that can be received, said Communications Director Anette Bonnevie Wollebæk.

She adds that the offer of severance packages is one of the measures the Group is implementing to cut costs.

The employees will according to the newspaper be given a two week deadline to apply. Outside of the notice period, the company will offer three to seven months salary. According to the plans the packages will take effect from March 1.

Rolls-Royce stated in December that they planned to downsize by 800 employees in the marine division globally. On December 1 last year, the company had around 1,800 employees in Norway, 1.630 of them work at five branches in More og Romsdal.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today