Ruter increases the price of its tickets

metro, subway, Hadia TajikMetro. Photo: Norway Today Media

The price of Ruter tickets in the capital is likely to increase by 4-5 per cent in addition to the annual price adjustment. At the same time the municipality of Oslo will also give more money to the operation of public transport.

At 12 o’clock on Wednesday  the  city council  will present its budget, which calls for a growth of 10 percent on public transport in the capital, the newspaper Aftenposten.

– The city council proposes to increase the operating subsidy of 79.5 million kroner in 2017, and to  more than double the investment budget. This means that many more people will be able to use the public transport, transport city manager Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG) to news agency NTB.

In parallel with the municipal commitment, the fares will, according to the information which Aftenposten have got, be increased by 4-5 percent more than the annual adjustment for inflation.

The toll fares will also increase. The extra money which the municipality gets this way, will be used for major projects like new  tunnel for the subway to the city centre, Fornebu Line and the procurement of new trams.

If all of this is added together, it will amount 150 million additional kroner per year of earmarked investments.
The city council aim for that price of the month tickets to be shielded from the increase in ticket prices to the largest possible extent possible.

– We are waiting for a calculation of what will be the correct price level at the various ticket types. But in Oslo Package 3 negotiations we agreed that those who travel frequently, should be shielded from price increases as much as possible,  Berg says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today