The sale of ice cream shoots sky-high in the May heat

ice cream shoppingIce cream: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

The sale of ice cream, beer, and bottled water has exploded in the surprisingly high May heat. At Hennig-Olsen in Kristiansand,sales are booming!


With temperatures above 30 degrees and sun in cloudless skies, the sale of ices and cold drinks exploded to new heights.

“There is a lot of ice cream being sold at the moment. More than ever in history in a single month. We are coming up to more than 5 million liters of ice cream in May,’’ said a satisfied CEO, Paal Otto of Hennig-Olsen to NTB news.

Their main competitor, and market leader in Norway, the Tine-owned Diplom-Ice, reported sky-high numbers in May.

‘’It seems like the record month for May, an all-time high actually. We are now working three shifts, and everyone is on the way to get ices and it is incredibly funny,’’ said Marketing Director, Anne Borgen Sturød of Diplom-Ice to NTB news.

Juice in the heat

She explains that the ice cream sales exploded when the temperature went over 20 degrees. As it started to approach 30 degrees, more and more customers changed from cream to the more delicious juice ices.

Both Hennig-Olsen Ice and Diplom-Ice swear by Norwegian cream in their production process and believe it may be felt in the taste. And the best sellers for both manufacturers are the classic ‘Kremmer House’ ice creams.

“Short-listed Norwegian raw materials are important to us. And we have Norwegian strawberries in the krone ice cream,”Sturød said proudly.

‘’We hope it lasts’’

Neighbour to Diplom-Ice in Nittedal is Ringnes Brewery. There is a report about beer and mineral water sales in full swing. From the giant central warehouse at Gjelleråsen and in Trøndelag, high-speed increases of drinks of all kinds are running.

‘’The weather is being closely monitored now to provide forecasts of future sales.

Nice weather is good weather for Ringnes. We would like to have a couple of such weeks in the summer, and it has arrived early this year. We hope it will last,”said Communications Manager Nicolay Bruusgaard of Ringnes to NTB news.

He explained that beer sales tend to increase once heat temperatures are reported.

But the beer sale do not follow the grade pole all the way to the top, but stabilize when it’s so hot that it’s nice to sit outdoors.

Rise in water sales

The sale of water, however, only increases at the same rate as the degrees of heat.

“Water sales can double from one week to the next, so there can be quite a bit of change there,” said Bruusgaard.

He added that the sale of soda is quite stable and does not make very big result shifts even though it is warmer than expected.


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