Sales of new electric cars increased in August

Electric carsElectric car.Photo: Pixabay

New car sales in August show that almost 6,000 new electric cars were sold, compared to 1,000 diesel cars. Overall, new car sales have fallen by around 10 percent from last year.

Sales of electric cars have increased by more than 20 percent in one year, figures from NAF show. In August last year, 4,713 electric cars were sold, while sales in the same month this year ended at 5,704. At the same time, total new car sales in August fell from 12,000 in August last year to around 11,000 cars in August this year.

Last month, sales of electric cars exceeded 50 percent of all new cars, according to NAF. Previously, this has only happened three times.

– August was thus an exceptionally good month for electric car sales, says Nils Sødal, senior communications consultant at NAF, in a press release.

Now Norway must have a charging infrastructure that reflects the growth in the number of electric cars, he adds.

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