Salmon exports to China fell by 34 percent last week

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Following a new Coronavirus outbreak in China, Norwegian salmon exports fell sharply last week. The Maritime Council also reports on new logistics challenges in China.

“It is too early to say what consequences the new Beijing outbreak will have on salmon exports going forward,” said Victoria Braathen, the Seafood Council’s fisheries envoy to China.

Several supermarkets on Monday removed salmon from the shelves after Coronavirus was found on an imported salmon cutting board. But both the Chinese and Norwegian authorities agree that the infection does not come from Norwegian salmon products.

Affected Norwegian seafood exporters have reported to the Seafood Council on logistical challenges to Beijing. Due to the new outbreak of infection, a number of flights to and from Beijing have also been canceled.

– “After salmon prices to China have risen in recent weeks, we have seen a decline in total exports of fresh whole salmon. Last week, exports of fresh whole salmon to China fell by 34 percent, to 240 tonnes,” Braathen said.

The decrease is compared to the week in advance.

On Monday, the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority invited the industry to an emergency meeting due to the new situation.

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