Sandberg hopes for new salmon exports to China

Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg Dublin TransfersMinister Per Sandberg (Progress Party). Photo:

Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg has signed a protocol that could mean the start of  a new and lucrative salmon export to China.

“The protocol is an important step forward to open for export of Norwegian salmon to China. It has been a great job to complete this protocol in the  recent weeks, “says Per Sandberg, Minister of Fisheries.

The protocol was also signed by the Minister of Veterinary Authorities in China. The signing is done as an extension of the agreement signed in Bergen on April 21 for import and export of food.

In 2016, Norway exported 143,000 tonnes of seafood to China, which is our most important trading partner in Asia and an important market for Norwegian seafood. The value of seafood exports amounted to NOK 2.75 billion.

While the last few years there has been a complete stagnation of salmon exports to the country, most of the exports consisted of frozen whitefish and pelagic fish. Sandberg is now hoping for a change.

“I have hopes that this agreement will re-open salmon exports to China. With the potential, we will see within a few years that large volumes of salmon goes to China, which in reality becomes a whole new market for Norwegian salmon, “says Sandberg.

The protocol contains provisions on the duties that are imposed on Norwegian authorities and the terms Norwegian salmon to China must fulfill.

There are, among other things, requirements for  the fish health, and salmon plants affected by certain fish diseases can not be exported.

Norway also receives insight into risk analyzes that may be the basis for new stagnation in the salmon trade. In addition, a system of consultation will be established in case of disagreement or whether China chooses to stop salmon imports.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today