SAS and Norwegian owe customers about 10 billion NOK

Press officer John Echoff of SAS.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

SAS has sold travel for almost 6.8 billion NOK, which cannot be completed. For Norwegian, the figure is between two and four billion, experts believe.

Canceled journeys in March will be reimbursed in June, while those who were to travel in April and May will recover their money in the early fall, writes Bergens Tidende.

Although SAS owes its customers much more than the company has in their accounts, Press Manager John Eckhoff assures that customers will receive a refund, “if they wish.” He points out that SAS of Sweden and Denmark has been granted a government credit of NOK 3.3 billion, and that they are working on a plan to raise fresh money.

Press officer Andreas Hjørnholm in Norwegian writes in an email to BT that the company will not disclose how much they owe customers. He also does not want to comment on the estimate of between two and four billion kroner.

Hjørnholm regrets the long wait for refunds. He assures that those who want a refund “and are entitled to it will get it.”

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