SAS informs employees of layoffs in the following week

SASSAS.Photo: Pixabay

SAS has called their cabin-crew employees to inform notice on layoffs in the coming week. The company will cut down a total of 1,300 permanent employees in Norway.

In a message from the Norwegian Cabin Association sent to their members, SAS has now initiated the process of dismissal of 350 redundancies. Before the weekend, they were invited to an information meeting on Monday, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

As far as the newspaper knows, after the meeting, notices will be sent out for discussion on agreements and offers for a final agreement.

– “It is important for us to implement good processes. We have had a good and constructive dialogue with employee organizations. We are going down with 1,300 permanent positions in Norway and starting this process among cabin crew. In the first place, we have a redundancy rate of 350 full-time equivalents,” says press officer John Eckhoff of SAS in Norway.

At the end of April, the airline announced that it would reduce the number of employees by a total of 5,000 full-time equivalents, probably even more measured in the number of full-time equivalents. Besides the 1,300 permanent positions in Norway, 1,900 are in Sweden and 1,700 in Denmark.

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