All Norwegian SAS pilots on a strike from Thursday

SAS Airline Norway Sell-outSAS Airplane. Photo.: Wikimedia commons.

All Norwegian SAS pilots on a strike from Thursday

The SAS pilots strike escalates on Thursday. Then, all the Norwegian SAS pilots go on strike, and the strike will affect all scheduled services, says The Trade Union Parat.


Negotiator for the Norwegian Pilots, Jens Lippestad, says SAS has shown a lack of willingness to negotiate with the pilots.

– SAS could have avoided the strike if they had given us the same conditions as our colleagues in Denmark and Sweden, with national adjustments.

This is very provocative. We can not accept this divide and rule tactic by SAS, says Lippestad.

Pilots have been offered the same wage increase as other groups, according to Torbjørn Lothe, Director of NHO Luftfart, which has negotiated on behalf of SAS.

A few weekends off

But it is the labor agreement that is the biggest issue. Pilots require more predictability in their work schedules. The frequency in the number of weekend shifts is also a major theme.

– We are committed to the success of the company and have therefore made moderate demands.

All we need is a salary raisel in line with others, a couple of weekends free every month and safe jobs, says Lippestad.

SAS and NHO are very disappointed.

– We are very disappointed. We faced demands that go far beyond that of the other groups in this year’s settlement, and far beyond the SAS pilots in Sweden and Denmark have accepted, says Lothe to NTB.



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