Saying yes to content labeling of beer

EU flagEU flag.Photo Norway Today Media

European Commission proposes to mark all the alcohol in the same way as other beverages. Norwegian breweries completely agree with proposal.

– People are entitled to know what they put in their mouth, says CEO Petter Nome in brewing and beverage Society.

Beer, wine and spirits producers will get a trial period of one year, where they are encouraged voluntary labeling of beverage packaging, the European Commission proposes.

After the trial year, it will be decided if self-regulation works well enough to have content and ingredient labeling on an equal basis as other foods and beverages, to be imposed by law. This will also include Norway.

The largest breweries in Norway has already for a long time marked the packaging with ingredients and nutritional content, although beverages with more than 1.2 percent alcohol is exempt from the labeling requirement, said Nome.

– For a transitional period, there will be a problem for small breweries brewing many small servings of different beers and do not have access to laboratories, says Nome.

He still believes that it become more visible for most people, and many will get eye-opening experiences when they see that beer consists only of natural ingredients and contain fewer calories than most people realize.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today