Scandinavian airline seeks cheaper operating costs outside Scandinavia

SAS cancels 100 departuresSAS airlines. Photo: SAS

SAS is considering seeking an operating permit that allows the company to operate outside of Scandinavia, and use local employees within the countries in which they operate, according to an industry website.

SAS seeks to ensure lower production costs, wrote Danish industry website, according to E24.

This information has been gleaned from an email sent out SAS employees by SAS CEO, Rickard Gustafson, in which, according to the website, SAS are ‘considering new ways to operate, including the possible launch of an operating permit outside Scandinavia.’

Such an operating permit would provide SAS the ability to relocate parts of its fleet, and establish bases with local staff.

These strategy assessments are believed to be part of a new package of proposals that SAS will submit on December 13th.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today