Senior citizens would pay 1.3 billion extra with Arbeiderpartiet (Labour – Ap) tax plan

PensionersPensioners. Photo: Pixabay

210,000 Norwegian pensioners must pay 1.3 billion more in taxes annually if Ap get into government and implement their new tax plan, reported VG newspaper.

Numbers that ‘Statistics Norway’ (SSB) and the Ministry of Finance have presented to the newspaper, show that Norwegian pensioners will, on average, pay 1,500 more in taxes per year, per person.

The figures show that Ap’s new tax plan would affect pensioners in all income brackets, even those who have less than 150,000 in annual income.

‘These figures reveal that Ap are bluffing when they claim their measures would only affect high income groups. 210,000 pensioners in all income groups would have increased tax with the Ap’s new tax policy’, said Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen.

Of the country’s 842,000 pensioners, 210,000 would end up with their taxes increased after Ap introduced the tax plan, according to the Statistics Norway figures.

Last week, VG newspaper asked the Ap leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, how the party’s tax increases would affect pensioners.

‘I will not speculate. This government has weakened the joint revenues, and increased the deficit by pouring in oil money.

We go to the election with the increase of taxes by 15 billion because that will cover our aims for people better than they are being achieved today, and that includes pensioners, who require more help.’


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today