Seniors working voluntarily for free for billions


Last year, Norwegian pensioners contributed free labour worth 25 billion, according to recent figures from a ’New Analysis’ report carried out on behalf of the National Council for Senior Citizens (Statens Seniorråd).
VG newspaper reported that last year, pensioners spent around 13,800 hours in full-time equivalent (FTE) volunteer work, related to organizations, teams and volunteer centers.

Additionally, they spent about 32,000 hours with informal volunteering, such as helping an old aunt or neighbor with shovelling or shopping.

‘These are numbers that are not included in society’s account book. We’re happy to see the elderly as a huge burden, but what is being done in the form of volunteer work, has a very large value to society’, said chief economist, Terje Power, of New analysis.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today