Seven out of ten tourism companies in Norway have vacant summer jobs

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Norwegian tourism needs more workers this summer. As many as seven out of ten tourism companies still have vacant summer jobs, according to NHO Reiseliv.

“Hotels, restaurants, festivals, and experience companies all over Norway are looking for temporary summer workers. If you are looking for a summer job, or you know young people looking for a job, I recommend contacting a tourism company. It is the perfect job for those who like to work with people, be creative, provide service, and be part of an environment with many different nationalities,” Kristin Krohn Devold at NHO Reiseliv stated in a press release.

In a recent member survey from NHO Reiseliv, seven out of ten tourism companies answered that they still have vacant summer jobs. This applies to all industries in the tourism industry, including hotels, nightlife, restaurants, and experience companies.

The need is particularly great in Western Norway, where 87% answered that they still have vacancies. Just behind is Nordland with 82%, while in Agder, 81% answered that they still have vacant summer jobs.

Summer jobs

Krohn Devold emphasized that the tourism industry employs a lot of young people and that a summer job can offer experiences that can be of great benefit to young people later on.

“Spend the summer getting a taste of what you can learn as part of the tourism industry. For many young people, a job in a hotel or restaurant is a door opener to experience and competence and a springboard to a career for life,” she said.

The membership survey also shows that one in four tourism companies has a higher booking level for the summer this year compared to before the pandemic.

“It will be crowded with tourists this summer, both Norwegian and foreign tourists. Those who work in tourism can look forward to a high pace and many exciting challenges.” 

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