Several politicians are ready to work in the health sector

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Several politicians in Parliament who have health education, say they are ready to contribute if necessary.

“If it starts to rain, I’m ready to work as a doctor again,” Kjersti Toppe, a parliamentary representative for the Center Party, told TV 2.

Toppe has among other things been a municipal doctor in Bergen and in Bremanger. She emphasizes that she will, of course, comply with the duty of meeting at Parliament, but says that the day has 24 hours.

Health educators who are not currently working in the health care system have been asked to sign up for service. There is a fear of a shortage of health professionals if a large number of infected people are admitted to hospitals.

Other politicians have also come up with the idea of using their education to help, writes TV 2. Among others, Right’s Kristin Ørmen Johnsen, who is a trained nurse, and the Labor Party’s Masud Gharahkhani, who is a trained radiographer.

Ørmen Johansen emphasizes that if she signs up for the office, it must be done in consultation with the Parliamentary presidency.

On Friday, the presidency sent a letter to parliamentary representatives with health education that under the Constitution they are obliged to make sure that Parliament is able to make decisions.

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