Several thefts of valuable items in stores

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In 2018, there was an increase of 3% in theft and serious theft in Norwegian stores compared to the previous year. Many of the cases were dropped by the police.

7,589 cases of theft and serious theft in Norwegian stores were reported last year. In Oslo, 10 percent of the cases were closed due to lack of police capacity, according to the trade and services industry’s main organization Virke.

In Agder and Inland, 4 percent of cases are closed due to lack of capacity.

“As many as 13 percent of the employed in Norway work in the retail trade. This underlines the seriousness of eliminating so much of the crime against the industry,” says Senior Security Advisor Thor Martin Bjerke in Virke.

Thefts for more than NOK 2,000 from a store or point of sale are defined in Statistics Norway as a theft. Thefts for over NOK 100,000 or thefts that are considered organized are defined as gross theft.

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