Shipping company owner Arne Wilhelmsen has died

Shipowner Arne WilhelmsenShipowner Arne Wilhelmsen.Photo Per Løchen / SCANPIX

Shipping company owner and founder of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Arne Wilhelmsen, died on Saturday in Palma, Spain, aged 90, the company said.

Royal Caribbean Cruises describes Wilhelmsen as a visionary strategist in the modern cruise industry who had a lasting influence on the company from the very beginning.

“At a time when the rest of the world regarded cruises as a niche for old transatlantic routes, Arne saw all the opportunities for growth that were offered. He had a vision for the modern cruise industry, as the entire ‘industry’ may have consisted of a dozen ships in total,” says Royal Caribbean Cruises Chairman and CEO Richard Fain in a press release.

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