Ships’ missiles in Yemen equipped with Norwegian rocket engines


Several of the ships of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen are equipped with missiles powered by Norwegian rocket engines, according to Dagbladet newspaper.


The state-owned weapons manufacturer, Nammo, has recently established itself as a single supplier of rocket engines to several missile types internationally. Two of these missile types are found on ships that are part of a seaborn war-raid in Yemen, according to Dagbladet.

Mads Harlem, head of the Red Cross, was caused to respond.

“Norwegian subcontractors can be held responsible for participation in war crimes under the Norwegian penal code, if these missiles have been used for war crimes,” he said.

According to the Swedish peace research institute SIPRI, United Arab Emirates has over the past few years purchased over two hundred ESSM and one hundred and fifty Exocet MM-40 missiles. Both missiles are found on the country’s military Baynunah corvettes, which participate in the military blockade, according to the

Vice President of Compliance in Nammo, Sissel Solum, said the company has no control over where the missiles they deliver engines to are exported.

“As one of many subcontractors who make parts to a final manufacturer, we have no authority to control where they sell their products.

More than 10,000 people have been killed in Yemen since the Saudi-led coalition started offensives against the Shiite ‘Houthi’ rebels in 2015.


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