Six out of ten home buyers complain about errors, and missing features

estate agents Estate agents.Photo: Jarl Fr. Erichsen / SCANPIX

In the past three years, five out of ten home buyers in Norway have reported errors, or missing features in the home they bought, and one in ten have come into serious conflict with the seller.

The figures come from a new nationwide survey of 370 home buyers, conducted by the Huseiers Landsforbund (Homeowners’ Association).

According to Dagsavisen newspaper, 10% of home buyers during 2014, 2015, and 2016, needed to use owner-switching or home-purchase insurance, contact a lawyer, or go to court.

The Homeowners’ Association reacted to the fact that so many had found errors and deficiencies about which they hadn’t been informed (neither during display, nor in the condition report of the residence) by saying that the Association will conduct a review, and an improvement of the Real Estate Sales Act.

‘Both buyers and sellers are amateurs in the housing market. Therefore, the professionals, the appraisers, and the real estate agents, must be subject to significantly greater responsibility. This must be incorporated into law,’ said the Federal Secretary General, Morten Andreas Meyer.

Two out of ten home buyers surveyed were dissatisfied with the professionals, and thought they were doing a poor job in connection to current purchases. Executive Vice President of the Consumer Council, Thomas Bartholdsen, understands the dissatisfaction.

‘There are far too many reservations in tariffs and reports, and often hints or vague suggestions about problems, expressed in language that buyers don’t understand,’ he said.


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