Six out of ten willing to work harder to avoid losing their jobs

Jorunn BerlandOslo. Jorunn Berland (YS).Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Six out of ten are willing undertake several more tasks at work if this is needed to keep their jobs, the Working Barometer which YS will make public in Arendal on Thursday shows.

Norwegian workers are not more afraid of losing their jobs now than they were in the midst of the financial crisis. But the willingness to adapt is at record levels, according to a survey in which over 3,000 people from all industries and professions have responded.

In addition to  six out of ten being willing undertake to more tasks at work to keep their jobs, almost three out of four (73 percent) stated that they are willing to take on new tasks. Moreover, six out of ten said that they are interested in following more courses and subjects or get more training if this is necessary to keep their jobs.
Valuable findings

– The survey tells of great adaptability in Norwegian workers. These are important findings and useful knowledge, YS leader Jorun Berland said.

She emphasizes that the large number of people participating in the survey suggests that the Working Barometer very likely draws an accurate picture of how Norwegian workers are viewing their job situation.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today