Skilled resources to manage heavy equipment for construction is difficult to find


Professionals to work with heavy equipment is the manpower that is difficult to obtain in this country, per Norwegian employers.

– Norway has a high demand for skilled workers. Young people who choose vocational studies, are unable to complete their education due to lack of apprenticeships, says the CEO, Maalfrid Brath, in Manpower.

Turnover in the construction sector has grown by 42 percent since 2010. During the same period the number of pupils, apprentices and apprentice graduates in vocational education increased by 2.9 percent.

– Young generations are leaving vocational works and goes for academic careers. They will be economists, lawyers and social scientists but we must do more to educate young people to work as we are needed, says Brath.

Yet the situation seems not to be particularly dramatic.

In a survey run with 751 Norwegian employers, 84 percent said they are not experiencing problems with recruitment.

Last year 70 percent responded the same.

These are the ten most difficult jobs to find people for:

1. Skilled labor
2. Sellers
3. Technicians
4. Legal staff
5. Doctors and health personnel (not nurses)
6. IT personnel
7. Secretaries, receptionists and administrative assistants
8. Drivers
9. Engineers
10. Accounting & Finance staff