Slowly but surely, Norwegian employers gain optimism

At workAt work.Photo: Manpower

ManpowerGroup’s labour market barometer shows that in the next quarter, a clear sense of optimism will continue in the Norwegian labour market. According to Manpower’s latest survey, Norwegian employers plan to hire more workers for the second quarter in succession.

‘Last quarter, we saw the most positive development since 2013. This is reinforced this quarter. Employers are more positive than they have been for a long time,’said ManpowerGroup’s CEO, Maalfrid Brath.

ManpowerGroup asked Norwegian employers if they will hire more or less people next quarter. Positive signals came from the whole of Norway. In particular, the largest employers are planning to hire. This is a beacon, said Brath.
‘That big businesses begin hiring again is a good sign for the rest of the labour market. But I don’t think the new appointments are going to build fast this year.

It’ll take longer before we see massive numbers of new appointments,’ said Brath.
With more than one in five employers planning to increase the crew, Central Norway’s Labour Market Survey indicates that to be the region where employers will increase hiring at the greatest rate during the next quarter.

The signals from central Norway are stronger than at the same time last year. Brath pointed to major-league investments in infrastructure and resurgence in the manufacturing industry in recent years, resulting in more jobs in the region.

‘In Central Norway, the proportion of employers planning to hire is twice as high as the rest of the country. It backs-up messages we’ve received whichshow central Norway has really begun to climb back, big time’, said Brath.

Industry, Finance and Building are operating most strongly. Brath pointed to two key sectors that are contributing massively to the positive outlook.

The industrial and banking, and financial and real estate sectors have both reported double-digit percentage prospects. Employment growth since the same quarter last year is 19 and 11%, respectively.

On a nation-wide basis, 6% more employers plan for staffing rather than cutting in the third quarter of 2017. Although optimism is characterised by a deep and thoughtful sobriety, Brath believes that developments are all good.

‘For the second quarter in a row, work crews are expected to grow throughout the country. We hope the trend continues throughout the year, setting the pace for next year,’ said Brath.


Source: Manpower Group / Norway Today