Small drop in border trade in 2016 might be significant (or might not)

Border SwedenBorder Sweden.Photo: Norway Today Media

Norwegians spent 13.8 billion on trips abroad in 2016. That was a reduction of 275 million, equivalent to 2% difference to 2015.
The changes were within the uncertainty range, which means that one should be cautious in interpreting that the figures indicate that there was a decline in cross-border shopping, stressed Statistics Norway (SSB).

The number of trips increased by 2%, from 7.5 to 7.7 million over the same period.

It is in Strömstad that Norwegians spend the most during cross-border day trips. 7.4 billion, or 53.3% of the trade in 2016, was spent there.

Additionally, Norwegians spent 2.1 billion in Charlottenberg, and 700 million in Töcksfors.

Ingvill Størksen, industry director for retail in Virke, the main retail organization, is showing slight concern about the numbers. She has called for policy measures.

‘Border trade constitutes major assets, and a significant proportion of this is added again in border municipalities in Sweden’, she said.

’13.8 billion in cross-border trade constitute well over 10,000 lost jobs in Norwegian farming, food processing and retailing. In addition,over 2.4 billion in lost revenue to the Treasury,’ emphasised Størksen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today