It is smart to ensure your summer job now

jobJob:Photo: Manpower Group

Many companies plan summer work in good time before the holiday begins.


If you want summer jobs, you must be ready to apply for a job now, even though summer is far away.

High season in spring

Even if someone starts now, most businesses are expected to make announcements a few months in advance.

‘From March to May it’s high season for finding a summer job,’ said Sølvi Spilde Monsen, Managing Director of Manpower.

But neither after that time is all hope gone

‘A lot of businesses find out quite late that they need more people during the summer than they initially thought,’ explained Wade Monsen.

How to find available jobs

Some employers advertise summer jobs. It is advisable to look for advertisements in the newspaper, at and on the websites of the municipality you live in, or for a company you want to work for. But it’s not everycompany that advertises vacant summer jobs.

‘Many summer jobs are communicated through acquaintances. One piece of good advice is to go through the contact list on your phone and social media, and send a message to those who you think might help you get a job,’ said Sølvi Spilde Monsen.

Also, agencies such as Manpower have a great need for extra staffing in the summer.

Therefore, it is advisable to submit a CV or resume through the agencies’ websites.

Make a CV or resume

Employers often get a lot of summer job applications. It is important to stand out in the pile, so that the employer becomes aware of you.

‘It’s important that you customise the application to the job you want. Make sure you shine,and stand out as able to do a good job in just the industry, and company, you are looking for’’, said Spilde Monsen.

He advises job seekers to set up a CV or resume explaining who you are, what you know, what experience you have, and at what time you can work.

Doing a summer job is smart

A summer job can be valuable later in life. When looking for other jobs, it’s important to have both work experience, and references.

‘References from a summer job can be absolutely crucial. If you have a reference from a workplace, you have proven that you are a responsible person. It’s not everyone who can show that. Then, you suddenly have a competitive edge’, said Sølvi Spilde Mosen.


Source: Manpower Group / #Norway Today