Smart Watches for Children did not meet Norwegian Requirements

Smart WatchesSmart Watches.Pixabay

National Communications Authority (Nkom) has tested 18 smart watches for children, and none of them satisfied the requirements for sale in Norway.


The results of the so-called market surveillance show that the dealers and importers have not assessed the watches thoroughly enough before they came into the market, Nkom concludes in a press release.

The purpose of the check was to determine whether the manufacturer had ensured that the watches fulfilled the requirements for radio equipment. None of the 18 watches that were checked fulfilled the requirements for documentation. The deviations varied from defective labelling, to the fact that it was not documented how the equipment was tested.

“The findings mean that for some products there is considerable uncertainty about whether they actually meet the technical requirements. The watches are meant to be worn by children, and then we think it is quite serious that it is not mentioned if the equipment is within the radiation requirements”, says Director Elisabeth Aarsæther.

For most models, importers or sellers can wait for a notice to correct the errors.


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