Solberg ‘at home’ with Alibaba chief

China flagChina flag.Photo: Pixabay

On Sunday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg received a thorough grounding in how the Chinese Internet giant, Alibaba, is working with the UN on sustainability goals.

At the company headquarters in Hangzhou in China, Solberg was welcomed by the very engaged Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma.He is one of China’s richest men, and a ‘super celebrity’.

Alibaba has become a global giant in online trade, and Ma sat with Solberg in a proactive group of UN sustainability goal specialists.

The goals of the group include eradicating all hunger and poverty, and ensuring health care and education for all by 2030,and ensuring sustainable economic growth and full-employment worldwide.
Alibaba has been involved in the work of the group through a number of foundations.

‘People talk about how great we are. But this is not just about how much money we earn, but how we can make the country, and the world, a better place’, said Jack Ma as he welcomed Solberg.

‘If we can change China, we can also do so with much of the world’, he said.
Since its establishment in 1999, Alibaba has has grown to become a giant in Chinese e-commerce. Through various platforms for e-commerce, Alibaba offers millions of products in over 40 different categories, including consumer electronics, machinery,
and clothing.

Last year, Alibaba sold products for over 3,400 billion, and had over 430 million customers worldwide.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today