Solberg’s government plans to cut taxes by up to NOK 9 billion

Erna Solberg - Mudassar KapurPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Figures from the Ministry of Finance show that Erna Solberg’s government plans to cut shaved Norwegians’ taxes by as much as NOK 9 billion, according to TV 2. 

Labor Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre and the Socialist Left’s (SV) fiscal policy spokesperson Kari Elisabeth Kaski reacted to the figures.

“These are tailor-made tax cuts for the country’s very, very richest. We are getting more and more billionaires in Norway. The richest of them barely pay taxes now. While an ordinary nurse has to pay a larger share of income in taxes,” Kaski told the channel.

The government’s new cuts in wealth tax in the budget proposal for next year are estimated to cost NOK 1.37 billion, according to news bureau NTB. 

The Prime Minister’s Office emphasized that it is not true that only the richest received tax relief under the Solberg government. 

Everyone – from people with wealth tax on cottages to those who have bought an apartment for their children – had their taxes reduced in recent years, the Prime Minister’s Office pointed out.

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  1. here is the point Erna is making best to keep wealth of nation to delivered whole population…. Norwegian socialist and left socialist are fake with their manegment governmental buroc-rats and technoc-rats explore the peoples wealth… last 8 years as a Muslim and immigrant all though left was best option but reality is Right Party(central party) without FRP fascist Zionists group its perfect harmony for all nation… I live here 21 year and what I experience as a PM the way without empathy will fail ….Erna is best fck the rest …. she is like a mom take care of all nation!Covid 19 will change whole world and what I can say is now all government’s must to take care of whole people be carefully with Chinese and their partners they want to control over humanity with economy’s….

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