SOS Racism accused of fictitious membership lists

Haugesund 20120224. Politiet gjennomfører en ransaking i SOS Rasisme sine lokaler i Haugesund fredag formiddag, på jakt etter dokumentasjon på medlemsjuks. Kjell Gunnar Larsen forlater lokalene til SOS-Rasisme. I bakgrunnen bærer politiet ut esker med dokumenter. Foto: Jan Kåre Ness / Scanpix

SOS Racism ten doubled the number of members in a few years. But the lists had both names that no one had, and addresses that did not exist.Monday is the start for a ten-week criminal case in Haugaland District Court. Up to 170 people will testify. More than 40,000 documents to be submitted.

The core of the matter is accused of a massive cheating of the numbers of  members in SOS Racism in the years after 2005. Eight former executives and key employees of the organization is accused of gross fraud.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today