Sparebank1 warns of sharp increase in SMS and email fraud attempts in Norway

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On Friday, Sparebank1 experienced a sharp increase in complaints about attempted fraud attempts via email and SMS.

The bank stated that it received around 100 inquiries from customers about attempted email fraud during the morning. 

The number of messages escalated to 900 inquiries during the day.

“The email is very professionally designed, and the scammers try to get people to provide sensitive information by clicking on a link. 

“Sparebank 1 has also been made aware that someone has received a similar email with the same wording and design, but where other banks are apparently the sender. That is also an attempt at fraud,” the bank emphasized in a press release.

Text messages

The bank has also received information that some customers have received text messages informing them to call a “customer service” number and then talked to someone who asked for information in order to “check” their account.

Sparebank 1 has not received any reports of customers who fell for the scam and provided information. 

However, the bank emphasized that Norwegian banks would never ask for personal information either by email or telephone.

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