Sporveien and Ruter change: Reintroduces automatic opening of doors in public transport

Metro.T-bane.RuterOslo.Metro.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

On Thursday, Ruter and Sporveien stated that the doors on the metro, busses and trams would no longer open automatically. This changed on Saturday when the health authorities advised differently. 

Since March, the doors have opened automatically to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but on July 16, Sporveien and Ruter stated that they would go back to the normal routines, which means that the traveler would have to press a button to open the doors. 

The Chief of Communication, Catherine Myhren, of Ruter stated that the choice was taken after the rules for public transportation changed from red to yellow.

-” we phased out the measures for automatic door opening based on how we interpreted the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s guidelines for infection control in public transportation.”, says Myhren to NTB.

But now, Ruter and Sporveien, chooses to continue with automatic door opening. 

-” Ruter and Sporveien have followed the advice from the Norwegian health authorities and introduced the automatic opening of doors at all stations.”, Sporveien announced on Twitter, Saturday afternoon. 

-” There was a clear message from the health authorities through the media that automatic doors make sense. We then chose to continue with this.”, explains Myhren.

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