Sporveien removes seven out of ten passenger places

tramOslo.Tram.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

The Sporveien rail systems has started to remove seating and standing on its trams and subways in Oslo and Viken. Now 70 percent of the seats will be gone.

This weekend, on Ruter’s behalf, Sporveien began marking seats and standing areas that are not to be used on trams and subways. The goal is to ensure a greater distance between passengers due to the Coronavirus outbreak, writes Aftenposten.

A three-carriage set on the subway normally seats 450 people, but now it will seat only 130 passengers. On the so-called Italy trams, there is usually room for 212 passengers, but now they will take only 59 passengers.

During the week, all trams will be marked, and during the next week, all subways will be marked.

Ruter say they will not use security to check if people are complying with the rules.

– “We ask our customers to show consideration and wait for the next departure when there is no capacity onboard,“ says Cathrine Myhren, Ruter’s press officer.

Vy is also marking its trains in Eastern Norway. Here half of the seats will be marked.

Several bus companies Have also been markIng off seats.

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