Staff reduction at Discovery, up to 17 positions may be affected

Discovery NorwayOslo.Discovery Networks Norway.Photo : Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Discovery Norway is in the process of reducing its staff that may include 17 positions, stated by the company at a press release. 

-”We have reviewed discussions with shop managers and informed the organization today that we are initiating individual discussions. We will not comment specifically on which parts of the organization this may affect until we have finished the last part of the process.”, said the Operations Manager, Espen Skoland, of Discovery Norway to Kampanje. 

He further states that they expect to complete the process during September.

There are currently 135 people employed at the Norwegian Discovery office. Since 2015, Discovery has cut about 100 positions, while around 60 new ones have been added. The last round of staff-reduction took place in the autumn of 2018. At which 11 people lost their jobs. 

The company’s NJ-shop managers, Karoline Nordvald Barak and Anita Raaberg, do not support the management’s restructuring plans. 

-”Reorganizations are always demanding for the employees, especially these days. We are in the middle of a pandemic that has created insecurity and uncertainty related to the future for everyone, not least it means a very confusing and uncertain labor market for those affected.”, they wrote in a statement to Kampanje

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