The state increases the Grid lease by 0.6 øre per kW/h

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Major investments in the grid make Statnett increase the tariff for next year. On average, this means an increase of 0.6 øre per kilowatt hour for regular consumers.


Statnett operates the Norwegian power system with approximately 11,000 kilometres of high-voltage lines and 150 stations, and bills the regional grid companies for the use of the main grid.

Now the state-owned group has decided to increase the network tariff by nine per cent for 2019. For ordinary consumers, the average bill will increase by 0.6 øre per kilowatt hour, Statnett states in a press release.

For a household with a consumption of 20,000 kW/h per year, which corresponds to the average consumption in a detached house, this increase will mean an additional NOK 120 a year.

“This is an increase that is necessary because we are in a period of large investments that need to be financed through the splicing team that the net tariff is,” says communications manager for operation and market Henrik Glette from Statnett to E24.

A report published by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate in 2017 revealed that Statnett and the grid companies are to invest 140 billion kroner by 2025.


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