Statfjord field passed 5 billion barrels

Oil and energy minister Tord Lien visit the statfjord A platform in the North Sea.Oil and energy minister Tord Lien visit the statfjord A platform in the North Sea.Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland / Statoil / NTB scanpix

Oil Minister Tord Lien had the honor of filling up an opportunity to announce gold barrel number 5 billion when the milestone was marked on the Statfjord, A-platform in the North Sea, on Monday.

Field is the biggest producing oil on the Norwegian shelf since its inception in 1975. In those years, oil field given over a half billion crowns in revenue and achieved over 200,000 direct and indirect full-time positions.

– Revenues from Statfjord has contributed significantly to the development of Norwegian society. This corresponds to three million nurse FTEs or almost two months of world oil consumption, says Tord Lien to NTB after marking on the Statfjord A-platform.

67 percent

Originally hoped to squeeze out 40 percent of the oil field, but the standard recovery is much better. So far, 67 percent recovered, and still misses extracting oil and gas in this field up to 2025.

– Statfjord was supposed to shut down for over ten years ago but technology, smart solutions and wise decisions given extended life and a high activity level. It is something that characterizes Norwegian oil history.

And precisely what we will build on the Statfjord next chapter and on the Norwegian shelf for decades to come, says Arne Sigve Nylund, senior vice president for Development and Production Norway in Statoil.

451 wells

It has been drilled to total 451 wells totaling over 1 million meters since its first inception. After the late life project of reconstruction of oilfield, gas field was started in 2005 which ended in drilling 70 new wells and made extensive modifications platforms.

Statoil is operator of the field with an ownership interest of 44.34 percent. ExxonMobil and Centrica Recources are the other licensees.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today