Statkraft says no to offshore wind

wind turbine plantEquinors Hywind Buchan wind turbine plant outside Scotland.Photo: Øyvinf Gravås / Equinor / NTB scanpix

Statkraft believes that offshore wind is not something to count on in Norway. The energy giant still has no plans to enter into offshore wind projects.

In 2017, Statkraft sold out of two UK offshore wind projects and is now out of all such projects. To Nationen, Statkraft says they have no plans to re-enter.

“Norway has a surplus of power for a long time to come and therefore does not need this power. Combined with the fact that Norwegian offshore areas are mainly too deep to fix windmills to the seabed, offshore wind should be developed in other markets, where there is a need for renewable power and costs are lower,” says Statkraft’s communications manager Lars Magnus Günther.

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