Statoil appoints a committee after IT failures

headquartersStatoil headquarters.Photo: Norway Today Media

Statoil will scrutinize their own IT security following several unfortunate incidents after their IT work was outsourced to a company in India.

Statoil had on Friday another meeting with the PSA to clarify the situation regarding several cases where the safety of Statoil’s installations may have been put at risk.

After Statoil outsourced their IT work to an Indian company in 2012 , there have been a number of potentially dangerous situations on Statoil’s installations and platforms, according to NRK news.

– We will aim to bring full clarity into the current conditions, and we are reviewing recent events, previous reports of concern and all relevant internal reports.

The committee will assess whether there is a need for further measures to strengthen IT security in Statoil, says Anders Opedal, senior vice president for secure and efficient operations in Statoil to news agency NTB.

NRK has found evidence of 29 incidents where Indian IT workers have penetrated security barriers to Statoil’s platforms and onshore plants – but several sources tell NRK that the scale is much larger,

Prudent security of our IT infrastructure and systems is essential for the safety of our employees and installations.

Statoil is working continuously with this, but will look at whether our risk and security barriers can be further strengthened to ensure this protection, says Opedal.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today