Statoil is suing a county in USA

StatoilStatoil.Photo: Norway Today Media

Statoil is suing a county in the US state of West Virginia. The Company believes it has paid 3 million NOK more than required in taxes.

Statoil is going to court against Marshall County after a local commission in June voted against repaying the amount the company believes it has overpaid, written by The Intelligencer.

According to Statoil, due to overpayment that estimated production is the basis for tax calculation instead of the actual production. Chris Kessler at the county tax office believes inattention by the company led to the error which was not detected in a correct time.

– I think the documentation we have presented speak for themselves. There was plenty of time and opportunities to discover and correct this error, said Kessler.

Bob Miller, who voted to give Statoil money back, saying in turn that the county has no right to keep the money.

– The company was not trying to evade money from us. This is more than they would pay. Everyone hates having to give up the money, but I think this is not our money, he was talking about the overpayment.

Statoil said two other counties also have refused to repay the millions, while one county has not yet taken any decision. None of the other cases have so far led to lawsuits.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today