Statsbygg examines the salary of construction workers at the National Museum

National MuseumNational Museum

A group of workers building the new National Museum in Oslo may have received too little pay. Statsbygg is investigating whether this is the case.

The workers work for a Lithuanian company, according to NRK.

According to a report from the audit firm KPMG, one of the workers’ base salary was down to NOK 26 per hour. The report was first reviewed by Manifest magazine.

The workers get most of the salary paid as an extra. Statsbygg is now investigating how large the additions are, and whether the total salary amounts to Norwegian minimum wage of NOK 184.36.

– “These findings are serious. We commissioned this report based on sampling, and it looked like there were problems with both the correct payment and the scope of the work,” says communications director Hege Njaa Aschim in Statsbygg to NRK.

The company behind the contracts is a subcontractor for the global entrepreneurial group Caverion Group, with 15,000 employees around Europe.

CEO Knut Gaaserud of Caverion Norway says workers are paid the salary they are entitled to. In addition to the basic salary, workers receive unemployment benefit and variable pay.

– “This in total reaches the Norwegian minimum wage,” says Gaaserud.

According to Caverion, daily wages are paid directly into the workers’ account and are therefore not included in the pay cuts KPMG report is based on.

KPMG, for its part, disagrees that unemployment benefit can be counted as salary.

Caverion welcomes the investigation and has even started an investigation into the pay conditions of all 69 workers who have been to Norway.

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