Stein Erik Hagen provides 5 million to Right party

Stein Erik HagenOslo. Stein Erik Hagen : Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Multi billionaire Stein Erik Hagen and company Canica increases the traditional financial support for the Conservatives and promise for 5 million NOK for next year’s budget.

Hagen has donated 1 million NOK last year to the Conservative Party’s election campaign, but now he and his family take it to the higher level, wrote newspaper VG.

– It is a lump sum for investigations and to next year’s election. We know that eventually it comes millions of LO family of the coalition, so it is an attempt to contribute to a certain balance, says Hagen.

He also promises a “significant amount” of the Progress Party’s election campaign fund.

After Hagen handed control of the family company to the children, they have promised to continue its political support.

The contribution of 5 million NOK is a solid increase from earlier. They express great satisfaction with Erna Solberg as prime minister and hopes for continued bourgeois majority next year.

– The overall impression is that Erna leads the country with a firm hand. We are concerned with the framework conditions for Norwegian industry and the individual’s freedom of choice, says Hagen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today