Still game advertisements on TV

TvRemote control.Photo: Pixabay

Britain’s media authority rejects the Government’s request to stop the game advertising on Norwegian television channels broadcasting from the United Kingdom. Labor and Christian Democrats propose new measures.
Ministry of Culture and Media Authority has opted for dialogue and inquiries in an attempt to stop the play commercials on TV 3, Max and Viasat 4. advertising that would be illegal if the channels sent from Norway. After two years, you’ll see this line appears to be a dead end, writes the class struggle.

The British media regulator Ofcom said that “on the basis of the attached evidence ‘submitted over from Norway, it is not possible to determine whether there have been violations.

Now patience finally with KrF, who believe the government has been too little offensive to stop advertising.

The Labor Party has proposed more austerity.

They ask the government to use a procedure in an EU directive that allows for a member country can block a TV channel if it can be proved that the purpose of establishing themselves abroad has been to circumvent the law in the country channel targets. The burden of proof is rigorous, and this approach is never tried before.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today