Still an under-representation of women among those receiving the highest incomes in Norway

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The proportion of women among those who earn the most in Norway has increased only modestly over the past 20 years. Norway is in last position on a list of eight Western countries.

Among the 10% who earn the most (those with an income over 725,000), women were a scant 22% in 2013.

‘The figure is less than 4% higher than 20 years ago’, reported newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

‘This is surprising. We knew that there are differences, and that men have higher incomes, but it is striking that the differences are so great, and that they’ve changed so little over that time period’, said economist and researcher Jørgen Heibo Modalsli of Statistics Norway.

Modalsli is behind a study showing that the proportion of women among the most highly paid is lower in Norway than all seven of the other Western countries studied.

In Denmark, the proportion of women is 9% higher, and also in countries like Spain, Australia and the UK, there are a higher proportion of women than in Norway.

Among the 1% who earn the most, women are even lower, with just under 14%, and here there was an increase of only 4% since 1993.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today